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Rusbult Family
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GEDcom file

Please select a name for which you wish to have a GEDcom file sent to you.  Please indicate whether you are a confirmed member of the family or if you are a possible member of the family.  If you do not know if your family is related please use the text box to submit names for me to search my records for.

confirmedPossibleDon't know


If you wish to have me look up specific dates or places or if you wish to receive a descendancy please enter the information below. 


Enter the name of the individual you wish information on and any information that would help in the search

How are you related

Direct descendant      Collateral Line (related Possible Relation                                         to ancestors of a listed                                         individual)

Please indicate what information you wish for

Ancestrial Information                          Descendant Information

Specific information on the individuals listed (eg. birth/death date or place, Marriage date or place)

Research help

While researching my family history, I have used several good websites to find other researchers as well as information.  I was lucky enough to have grandparents who started listing their history.  One thing that is important is that you are agressive with your information seeking.  Take a chance.  The worst that could happen is that you won't find information.  Also when one gets into this obsession deeply, you need a good genealogy software.  Without it you will have stacks and piles of binders and pages to go through to try to link people together.  A good Genealogy software will do the searching for you.  I personally use Family Origins.  There are other softwares like Personal Ancestrial File and Family Tree Maker who do the same.   I chose Family Origins because it was inexpensive and had the same tools as Family Tree Maker and could import PAF files.  Family Origins will import and export GEDcom files as well which will interface with FTM. 

I mentioned websites earlier.  I will list these below along with links to both the Family Origins site and Family Tree Maker.  You may order software from either site over the internet. 

Family Origins                                    Family Tree Maker            

Websites I have used to find information are

Mormon "FamilySearch" site                 The National Archives for ordering pension files                                                        etc                      

The US Genweb (Great for searching specific counties and states) or for a global reach

The Genforum (Researchers asking questions                               

The Rootsweb site (great source for other sources and genealogy posting)


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