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Rusbult Family
Collingwood Family
Rierson Family
Peele Family

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Welcome to my Genealogy page.  I have chosen the name brick wall for my site because I have hit many of them only to work through them.  If you search dilligently enough and take enough chances you can work through them.  I hope that this "Brick Wall" helps with your brick wall! 

This is an on going project which will NEVER be completed.  I say this because with every brick wall I find, there is always another thicker and stronger brick wall to follow.  We will never find out everything there is to know about our family heritage until the day we join the angelic hosts in heaven.  But since it is fun to research and write, this is a worthwhile and satisfying project!

What's New

Today we launch our newest site.  This is a remodeling of the old site on Nemont.   Since they do not allow Front Page extensions I had to move to another site where I can have bigger and better access.  Please make sure that the information is correct and that I have made the neccessary corrections since my last computer upgrade. 

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