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Due to Copywrite ownership I am only putting a partial list of Wanamakers on this site.  For further information I can send you an email address where you can order a book written by a 7th cousin (Sherry Downard) .

1-John Wanamaker (Mar 6 1784-Mar 14 1868)

sp: Anna King (Mar 2 1787-Mar 8 1845)

    2-Peter Wanamaker (Mar 25 1806-Feb 22 1891)

    sp: Elizabeth Hemion (-)

        3-Anna M. Wanamaker (Jul 17 1828-May 13 1880)

            4-Charles Wanamaker (-)

        3-James Peter Wanamaker (Mar 7 1831-Oct 13 1914)

        sp: Ellen Jane Cole (Feb 11 1836-Oct 15 1878)

            4-John Wanamaker (Mar 5 1853-Jul 18 1879)

            4-Ann Elizabeth Wanamaker (Apr 7 1855-Jan 6 1875)

            4-Ruth E. Wanamaker (May 22 1857-Nov 28 1894)

            sp: David French (-)

                5-Lorenzo French (-)

                5-Hawley French (-)

                5-Lydia French (-)

                5-Etta May French (-)

                sp: Baker (-)

                5-Ruth French (-)

                sp: Herschman (-)

                5-Frank French (Dec 23 1885-Aug 1968)

                5-William R. French (Nov 26 1887-Jan 1963)

                5-Fred French (Sep 28 1889-Nov 1968)

                5-Ray Manchester French (Apr 14 1892-May 1979)

                sp: Lenora Freda Wolff (Oct 16 1893-Jan 20 1969)

                    6-Marlen Manchester French {Living}

                    sp: Joyce Maxine Vandebrake {Living}

                        7-Eugene Marlen French {Living}

                        sp: Gayle Lynn Winkler{Living}

                        7-Randall Keith French{Living}

                        7-Barbara Maxine French{Living}

                        7-Kevin Bruce French {Living}

                        7-Duane Manchester French {Living}

                        7-Renea Marlene French {Living}

                    6-Dale Edward French (Feb 21 1923-Jul 1981)

                    sp: Bertha Laverne Smith {Living}

                        7-Thomas Roy French {Living}

                        sp: Karen Perley {Living}

                            8-Tamara Kay French {Living}

                            8-Randy David French {Living}

                        7-Jerald Lee French {Living}

                        sp: Sharon Sands {Living}

                            8-Daniel French {Living}

                        7-Ronald Dale French {Living}

                        7-Richard Lynn French {Living}

                        7-Christopher Mark French {Living}

                    6-Vivian Lenore French {Living}

                    sp: Roy Russell Ankeny {Living}

                        7-Donna Rae Ankeny {Living}

                        sp: Ronald Dean Nicolls {Living}

                            8-Mark Alan Nicolls {Living}

            4-William Spencer Wanamaker (Oct 30 1859-Apr 27 1927)

            sp: Mary Elizabeth Powell (Sep 13 1868-Oct 7 1947)

                5-Annie Gertrude Wanamaker (May 13 1890-)

                sp: George Peterson (Aug 8 1897-)

                5-James Peter Wanamaker (Nov 4 1891-)

                sp: Anne Gardner (-)

                    6-Sylvester James Wanamaker (Nov 16 1915-Jan 27 1916)

                    6-Lorraine R. Wanamaker (Dec 11 1918-Dec 31 1943)

                    sp: Dalls Urban{Living}

                    6-Irene Marie Wanamaker (Jan 6 1923-Jan 20 1923)

                    6-Dorene Betty Wanamaker {Living}

                    sp: Ernest Holzhouser {Living}

                        7-Robert (Butch) Holzhouser{Living}

                        sp: Ardice {Living}

                            8-Robert II Holzhouser {Living}

                            8-Roy Holzhouser{Living}

                        7-Annie Holzhouser {Living}

                        sp: Pete Goos {Living}

                            8-Jimmy Goos{Living}

                            8-Misty Goos {Living}

                            8-Marcie Goos {Living}

                        7-Karen Holzhouser {Living}

                        sp: Robert Styles {Living}

                            8-Kim Styles {Living}

                            8-Bobby Styles {Living}

                            8-Darren Styles {Living}

                        7-Connie Holzhouser {Living}

                        sp: Leo Sullivan {Living}

                        sp: Roy Hansler {Living}

                5-Mary Edith Wanamaker (Mar 20 1901-Aug 1987)

                sp: Hugo Synhorst {Living}

                    6-Eileen Mary Synhorst{Living}

                    6-Shirley May Synhorst {Living}

                    6-Wilma Maxine Synhorst {Living}

                    6-Deloris Edith Synhorst {Living}

                    6-Howard James Synhorst (Sep 1 1920-Jun 1976)

                    6-Jean Ann Synhorst (Aug 29 1925-Feb 10 1989)

                    6-Wilbur Hugo Synhorst (Sep 24 1928-Feb 1985)

            4-Silas Eugene Wanamaker (Nov 7 1862-Apr 27 1927)

            sp: Emma E. Watson (Feb 16 1863-Nov 30 1930)

                5-Blanche Evangeline Wanamaker (May 25 1884-May 20 1934)

                sp: Matthew Berscheid (Feb 23 1878-1908)

                    6-Laurence Revere Berscheid (Aug 13 1904-Sep 21 1977)

                    sp: Edith Barns (-1978)

                        7-Dean Berscheid {Living}

                        7-Louise Berscheid {Living}

                        7-Carol Berscheid {Living}

                        sp: Harry Brukn {Living}

                    6-Eugene Silas (Gene) Berscheid (Jan 4 1906-Jan 12 1979)

                    sp: Lulu Marie Novak (May 1 1912-Oct 27 1977)

                        7-Gerald Eugene Berscheid {Living}

                        sp: Lois Carl {Living}

                            8-Kaye Jean Berscheid {Living}

                            sp: John Thompson{Living}

                            8-Debra Lee Berscheid (Apr 4 1955-Jan 20 1984)

                            sp: Thomas Howard Hutchens {Living}

                                9-Mico William Hutchens {Living}

                                9-Thomas Howard II Hutchens (Dec 28 1980-Jan 20 1984)

                                9-Meiaco Dawn Hutchens {Living}

                                9-James Raymond Hutchens (Aug 10 1983-Jan 20 1984)

                            8-Donna Lynn Berscheid {Living}

                            sp: Darwin Seim {Living}

                                9-Domineaque Ray Seim {Living}

                                9-Dan Seim {Living}

                                9-Danoe Seim {Living}

                            8-Gerald Eugene II Berscheid {Living}

                            sp: Kim{Living}

                                9-Brian Berscheid {Living}

                        7-Ralph Franklin Berscheid {Living}

                        sp: Bernice Haskell {Living}

                            8-Franklin Eugene Marshall Berscheid {Living}

                            sp: Debbie {Living}

                                9-Elijah Jack Berscheid{Living}

                                9-Jason Berscheid {Living}

                                9-Tyler Berscheid {Living}

                                9-Eugene Frank Berscheid {Living}

                            8-Kathy Marie Berscheid {Living}

                            sp: Cris Warner {Living}

                            8-Venus Lynell Berscheid {Living}

                            8-Marla Jo Berscheid {Living}

                            8-Ronda Kay Berscheid {Living}

                            sp: Rodney Allen Mann {Living}

                            8-Lanell Maire Berscheid {Living}

                            8-Marshall Ross Berscheid{Living}

                        7-Ellen Marie Berscheid (Sep 3 1934-Jul 28 1982)

                        sp: Homer James II Skinn (Jan 13 1932-Jul 30 1983)

                            8-Linda Marie Skinn {Living}

                            sp: Ricky Lee Smith {Living}

                                9-Jonica Marie Smith {Living}

                                    10-Shawn Ricky Jay Smith {Living}

                                9-Erica Lee Smith {Living}

                                sp: Kirby Johnston {Living}

                                9-Brandon David Johnston {Living}

                            8-Dorothy Ellen Skinn {Living}

                            sp: Alan Lieberman{Living}

                                9-Dayna Renee Lieberman {Living}

                                9-Jayson Alan Lieberman {Living}

                                9-Danial Lee Lieberman{Living}

                            8-Homer James III Skinn {Living}

                                9-Rachel Marie Skinn{Living}

                            8-Teresa Louise Skinn {Living}

                            sp: Alan Kim Wright {Living}

                                9-Amy Michelle Wright{Living}

                                9-Alan James Wright {Living}

                        sp: Arnold Bertil [Dave] Davidson{Living}

                        7-Loren Wayne Berscheid {Living}

                        sp: JoAnn Edson{Living}

                            8-Nancy Jo Berscheid {Living}

                            sp: Finn {Living}

                                9-Mary Jo Finn{Living}

                                sp: Michael T. Hussey{Living}

                                9-Christifer T. Hussey {Living}

                            8-Phyllis Marie Berscheid {Living}

                            sp: Bradley Scott Osier{Living}

                                9-Betty Jo Osier{Living}

                                9-Heather Osier {Living}

                            8-Lorrie Ann Berscheid {Living}

                            sp: Larry Burn {Living}

                                9-Tiffiny Ann Burn{Living}

                                9-Jo Ann Burn {Living}

                                9-Loren Burn {Living}

                            sp: Brent Somers{Living}

                            8-William Eugene Berscheid{Living}

                        7-Donald Lowell Berscheid {Living}

                        sp: Judy Pringel{Living}

                            8-Denice Marie Berscheid{Living}

                            sp: Gary Newbill {Living}

                                9-Tyler Newbill {Living}

                                9-Tiffany Newbill {Living}

                            8-Christine Ann Berscheid{Living}

                            sp: Paul Dolan{Living}

                                9-Megan Marie Dolan {Living}

                        7-LaVonne Jean Berscheid {Living}

                        7-Dennis Lyle Berscheid {Living}

                        sp: Eileen Thompson{Living}

                            8-Eugene Allen Berscheid {Living}

                            8-Anette Theola Berscheid{Living}

                    6-Dewey Alfred Berscheid (May 29 1908-Jan 10 1963)

                    sp: Florence Edith Martens {Living}

                        7-Dewey Mathias (Duke) Berscheid{Living}

                        sp: Ellen Marie Saumer {Living}

                        sp: Patricia M. O'Caffen{Living}

                        sp: Arlene {Living}

                        7-George Henry Berscheid{Living}

                        sp: Marjorie Wyatt{Living}

                            8-Brian Scott Berscheid {Living}

                            8-Jeffery Berscheid {Living}

                            8-Cynthia Ann Berscheid{Living}

                    6-Richard Mathias Berscheid (Sep 23 1909-Dec 7 1909)

                    6-Nianza Winnefred Berscheid (Nov 11 1918-abt May 1970)

                    sp: Charles Holstein {Living}

                        7-Roger Berscheid Holstein {Living}

                        7-Lorena Holstein {Living}

                5-Ralph Harry Wanamaker (Aug 15 1885-Nov 26 1963)

                sp: Hazel Winpegler Walker (abt 1883-Mar 1952)

                    6-Laurabelle Sailors {Living}

                    6-Byrl "DeCook" Wanamaker (Jun 23 1926-Apr 1989)

                        7-Dickie DeCook {Living}

                5-Lafayette James Wanamaker (Feb 10 1887-Apr 16 1889)

                5-Alice Lillian Wanamaker (Oct 24 1888-Jun 17 1969)

                sp: George Gukeisen (Nov 6 1882-Dec 5 1974)

                    6-Dora Gukeisen (Feb 16 1911-Jan 1986)

                    sp: Stephen Adams (Jan 1 1901-Jun 28 1975)

                        7-Alice Irene Adams {Living}

                        sp: Milbert Lehrkamp (Sep 18 1928-May 5 1994)

                            8-Doris Ann Lehrkamp {Living}

                            sp: Samuel II Leeper {Living}

                                9-Milissa Ann Leeper {Living}

                            8-Wayne Steven Lehrkamp {Living}

                            8-Karen Louise Lehrkamp {Living}

                            sp: Keven Harry Turner{Living}

                        7-Dorothy May Adams {Living}

                        sp: Eugene O. Hoffman {Living}

                            8-Robert Allen Hoffman{Living}

                            8-Kevin Michael Hoffman{Living}

                            8-Stephannie Lynn Hoffman {Living}

                        7-LeRoy Stephen Adams {Living}

                        sp: Susan Marie Angerhofer {Living}

                            8-Rebecca Marie Adams{Living}

                        7-Joyce Ann Adams{Living}

                        sp: Keith Lauren Loff {Living}

                            8-Darcie Jo Loff {Living}

                            8-Kelly Ann Loff {Living}

                            8-Lee Adam Loff {Living}

                        7-William James Adams {Living}

                        sp: Dotty Kay Marquardt{Living}

                            8-Jay Allen Adams {Living}

                    6-Ellen Gertrude Gukeisen {Living}

                    sp: Luverne Thompson Lee (Jan 20 1920-Jul 13 1964)

                        7-Helen Jean Lee{Living}

                        sp: Wilber John Gabbert {Living}

                            8-John Thompson Gabbert {Living}

                            8-Scott Lee Gabbert {Living}

                            8-Bruce Pascal Gabbert{Living}

                            8-Chris Reginal Gabbert {Living}

                            8-Ann Margarete Gabbert{Living}

                        7-Donna Marie Lee{Living}

                        sp: Arthur Gebbins{Living}

                            8-Mark William Gebbins {Living}

                            8-Gerald Lee Gebbins {Living}

                        7-Betty Luverne Lee {Living}

                        sp: Russell Ventimegelia {Living}

                            8-Russell Louis Ventimegelia {Living}

                            8-Sherri Ann Ventimegelia {Living}

                            8-Paula Lynn Ventimegelia {Living}

                            8-Dean Luverne Ventimegelia {Living}

                        7-Charlotte May Lee {Living}

                        7-Norman George Lee {Living}

                        sp: Marlyne Rose Kelemen {Living}

                            8-Curtis Luverne Lee {Living}

                            8-Tonica Ronee Lee {Living}

                        7-Gary John Lee{Living}

                    6-Silas John Gukeisen (Nov 18 1914-Nov 1982)

                    sp: Genevieve Lorraine Lee {Living}

                5-Mabel Ann Wanamaker (Dec 16 1890-Oct 29 1959)

                sp: William F. Wolff (Mar 16 1890-Aug 25 1945)

                    6-Viola Dorotha Wolff (Feb 6 1911-May 1985)

                    sp: Thurman Jasper Hullinger (Oct 4 1910-Nov 5 1973)

                        7-Cary Wayne Hullinger {Living}

                        sp: Kitty Boster {Living}

                    6-LaVerna Lenora Wolff (Aug 10 1913-Dec 8 1969)

                    sp: Franklin George Marshall {Living}

                        7-Ellen Lenora Marshall {Living}

                        sp: Donald William Volmer {Living}

                            8-Darla Janene Volmer {Living}

                            sp: Kim Howard {Living}

                                9-Donald James Howard {Living}

                            8-Kim Rachel Volmer {Living}

                            sp: David Schmidt {Living}

                            8-Dell Franklin Volmer {Living}

                            8-Dean William Volmer {Living}

                            8-Donald Joseph Volmer (Dec 4 1970-Dec 4 1970)

                        7-Gerald Earl "Shortie" Marshall {Living}

                        sp: Dianne Elizabeth Hulce {Living}

                            8-LeAnna Lei Marshall {Living}

                            8-Londa Dei Marshall{Living}

                            8-LeRonda Rae Marshall {Living}

                    6-Florence Ruth Wolff (Jul 28 1915-Feb 8 1924)

                    6-Bernice Rovilla Wolff (Jul 16 1917-Oct 26 1918)

                    6-Virgil James Wolff (Oct 13 1919-Dec 3 1976)

                    6-Mylow Emil Wolff (Jan 4 1923-Feb 8 1923)

                    6-Meril William Wolff (May 23 1924-Sep 27 1991)

                    sp: Clara Esther Buxcell{Living}

                        7-Danny Kay Wolff {Living}

                        sp: Sidney Louise Miller {Living}

                            8-Jared Lance Wolff{Living}

                        7-Calvin Lee Wolff{Living}

                        7-Mark James Wolff {Living}

                        7-Timothy Allen Wolff {Living}

                    6-Raymond Oran Wolff {Living}

                    sp: Jean Arlene Lauritson {Living}

                        7-Raymond Chris Wolff {Living}

                        sp: Ruth Ann Wadhams{Living}

                            8-Melissa Ann Wolff{Living}

                            8-Julie Marie Wolff {Living}

                        7-Rayla Jean Wolff {Living}

                        sp: Kenneth Wayne Resetter{Living}

                            8-Matthew Lee Resetter {Living}

                5-Eddie Lawrence Wanamaker {Living}

                5-FRED ELZY WANNAMAKER {Living}

                sp: Bessie Belle Trickey {Living}

                    6-Berniece Celia Wannamaker{Living}

                    sp: Charles Eugene Cummins (Jul 30 1920-Mar 30 1977)

                        7-Johnny Eugene Cummins{Living}

                        sp: Doris Mae Larson (Oct 14 1942-Nov 30 1996)

                            8-Jeffery Eugene Cummins {Living}

                            sp: Julie Ellen James {Living}

                                9-Rayn Cummins{Living}

                                9-Kalsea Cummins{Living}

                            8-Kimberly Ann Cummins {Living}

                                9-Tyler Cummins (Apr 13 1992-Apr 22 1992)

                        sp: Karen Chederquist {Living}

                        7-Richard LeRoy Cummins (Feb 26 1946-Oct 10 1969)

                        7-Diana Kay Cummins{Living}

                            8-Baby Boy Cummins {Living}

                        sp: Thomas Fleming {Living}

                        sp: Lynn Kaderabek {Living}

                            8-Chad LeRoy Kaderabek {Living}

                            8-Kaleena Renae Kaderabek {Living}

                    6-Norma Jean Wannamaker {Living}

                    sp: Albert Duncan II Fraser (Oct 27 1925-Oct 10 1960)

                        7-Allen Bruce Fraser {Living}

                        sp: Ramona Lynn Zimmerman {Living}

                        7-Kathleen Kay Fraser {Living}

                    6-Rovilla LuVerne Wannamaker{Living}

                    sp: Dale Edward Will (Dec 31 1926-Nov 23 1993)

                        7-Edward Dale Will (Sep 18 1951-Aug 9 1970)

                        7-Jimmy Joe Will {Living}

                        sp: Donna Crofutt {Living}

                            8-Jamie Will {Living}

                            sp: Doris Carcia Page {Living}

                        7-Barbara Jean Will {Living}

                        sp: Joseph Arthur Wilson {Living}

                            8-Dylan Dale Wilson {Living}

                            8-Courtney Jo Wilson {Living}

                            8-Caitlyn Joy Wilson {Living}

                    6-Silas Eugene Wannamaker {Living}

                    sp: Elaine Joyce Johnson {Living}

                        7-Gerry Lynn Wannamaker {Living}

                        sp: Lee James Kennedy {Living}

                            8-Kristen Marie Kennedy {Living}

                            8-Carolyn Ann Kennedy {Living}

                        7-Michael Ray Wannamaker {Living}

                        sp: Katherine Paul {Living}

                        sp: Mary Ann Kroger {Living}

                    6-Dwane Walter Wannamaker {Living}

                    sp: Betty Maross {Living}

                    6-FRED ELZY [Pat] II WANNAMAKER {Living}

                    sp: Marjorie Ann Lindon {Living}

                        7-DAVID MARSHALL WANNAMAKER {Living}

                        sp: Jolienne Rae Wagner {Living}

                            8-Megan Nichole Wannamaker {Living}

                            8-CHAD PAUL WANNAMAKER {Living}

                            sp: Diana Lynn Gore {Living}

                        7-Nancy Eileen Wannamaker {Living}

                        sp: Richard Allen Morehead {Living}

                        7-Melissa Ann Wannamaker {Living}

                        sp: Michael Valentine Gavaller {Living}

                            8-Joshua Valentine Gavaller {Living}

                        sp: Kevin Patrick McKean {Living}

                            8-Shane Thomas McKean {Living}

                5-Elmer Silas Wanamaker (Mar 3 1895-Mar 3 1895)

                5-Mary Margaret Wanamaker (Jun 6 1896-Jul 29 1977)

                sp: John Friedrich Wilhelm Krogman (Jan 20 1894-Feb 1 1970)

                    6-John Fredrick Krogman (Nov 10 1918-Aug 10 1941)

                    6-Anna Mary Krogman {Living}

                    sp: Jacob Vollmer (Aug 9 1915-Oct 1985)

                        7-Jacob John Vollmer {Living}

                        sp: Leota June Smith {Living}

                            8-Vicky June Vollmer {Living}

                            8-Verna Jean Vollmer {Living}

                        7-Dorthy Marie Vollmer {Living}

                        sp: Richard Peter Bechtold {Living}

                            8-Richard Peter II Bechtold {Living}

                            8-Raymond Vollmer Bechtold {Living}

                        7-Gladys Lorraine Vollmer {Living}

                        sp: Delmar Benus Swanson {Living}

                        7-Garold Richard Vollmer {Living}

                        sp: Sandra Faye Strunk {Living}

                        7-Virgil Albert Vollmer {Living}

                        sp: Diane Josephine Schmidt {Living}

                            8-Chad Everett Vollmer {Living}

                        7-Lloyd Darrel Vollmer {Living}

                        7-Kelvin Dewayne Vollmer {Living}

                    6-Emmalena Krogman {Living}

                    sp: Lewis Healy {Living}

                    sp: Sylvester Dillon {Living}

                        7-Debbie Louise Dillon {Living}

                    6-Earnestena Krogman {Living}

                    sp: Henry Leonard Wolfe (Aug 2 1912-Dec 1987)

                        7-Thesa Kay Wolfe {Living}

                        sp: James Roland Ireland {Living}

                            8-Naomi Ireland {Living}

                            8-Holly Lynette Ireland {Living}

                            8-Callie Kay Ireland {Living}

                            8-Terry James Ireland {Living}

                    6-Clifford Alford Krogman (Jan 1 1923-May 4 1955)

                    6-Irene Esther Krogman {Living}

                    sp: Paul Ivan Greenwalt (May 22 1928-Nov 24 1948)

                    6-Clarence Edward Krogman (May 20 1926-Feb 4 1949)

                    6-Iris Joyce Krogman (Mar 23 1928-Jul 29 1999)

                    sp: Reuben Benjamin Vollmer {Living}

                        7-Joyce Caroline Vollmer {Living}

                        sp: Lyle Hendrickson {Living}

                        7-Reuben Benjamin II Vollmer {Living}

                        sp: Patricia Ann Stroppel {Living}

                            8-Cody Ray Vollmer {Living}

                        7-Charles Edward Vollmer {Living}

                        sp: Patti {Living}

                    6-Edna May Krogman (Jul 1 1929-Jul 3 1929)

                    6-Rose Marie Krogman (Jul 9 1930-Jul 10 1930)

                    6-Lucille Alma Krogman {Living}

                    sp: George Willard Davies {Living}

                    sp: James Joseph Klaudt {Living}

                        7-Ronald Lee Klaudt {Living}

                        7-Monte Lewis Klaudt {Living}

                        7-Dennis Leroy Klaudt {Living}

                        7-Stanton Willard Klaudt {Living}

                    6-Clara Hope Krogman {Living}

                    sp: Guy S. Helm (Apr 21 1929-Apr 16 1967)

                        7-Kenneth George Helm {Living}

                        7-Allan Floyd Helm {Living}

                    6-Vera Ella Krogman {Living}

                    sp: Charles Edward Geralds {Living}

                        7-Glenda Faye Geralds {Living}

                        sp: Danny Joe Reynolds {Living}

                        7-Clayton Edward Geralds {Living}

                        7-Rodney Lee Geralds {Living}

                    6-Roy Charles Krogman (Jun 25 1937-Dec 27 1963)

                5-John Everett Wannamaker (Mar 15 1899-Apr 29 1970)

                sp: Selma Avery (Sep 20 1914-Feb 2 1937)

                    6-Zelda Irene Wannamaker {Living}

                    sp: Herberty Harry Nichols {Living}

                        7-Nancy Jo Nichols {Living}

                        sp: Thomas Paul Sonheim {Living}

                        7-Randi Gayle Nichols {Living}

                        sp: John Mitchell Hogan {Living}

                            8-Rosetta Lynn Hogan {Living}

                        7-Terry Alan Nichols {Living}

                        7-Kenneth Lee Nichols {Living}

                        7-Jeffery Dale Nichols {Living}

                    6-Joseph Duane Wannamaker (Nov 11 1935-Nov 27 1935)

                    6-Wilder Wesley Wannamaker {Living}

                    sp: Nancy Jo {Living}

                        7-Ronda Jean Wannamaker {Living}

                        7-Scott Edward Wannamaker {Living}

                5-Ruth Ellen Wanamaker (Feb 18 1901-Apr 21 1924)

                sp: Millard Tom Gould (-1976)

                    6-Eunice Carrie Gould {Living}

                    sp: Reed Curd{Living}

                        7-James Curd{Living}

                        7-Larry Curd{Living}

                    sp: Harry Wesche {Living}

                        7-Arlyn Wesche {Living}

                    6-Millard Jay Gould {Living}

                    sp: Alice Leona Germain (Nov 8 1924-Jul 5 1974)

                        7-Germain Lee Gould {Living}

                        sp: Loran Belt {Living}

                            8-Shawn Belt {Living}

                            8-Benny Belt {Living}

                            8-Leona Belt {Living}

                        7-Tomme Jay Gould {Living}

                        sp: Linda Hall {Living}

                            8-Tommy Gould {Living}

                            8-Lynnette Gould {Living}

                        7-Darlene Ruth Gould {Living}

                        sp: Mike McAlister {Living}

                            8-Alice Marie McAlister {Living}

                            sp: Kennth Manison {Living}

                        7-Myrene Dale Gould {Living}

                        sp: Larry White {Living}

                        sp: Ronald Arneson {Living}

                            8-R.J. Arneson {Living}

                        7-Dale M. Gould {Living}

                    6-Margaret Mary Gould (Nov 6 1921-Jan 10 1922)

                    6-Dora Evangeline Gould (Jan 30 1923-Mar 23 1923)

                    6-Ruth Evelyn Gould {Living}

                    sp: Richardson {Living}

                        7-Eddie Arlyn Richardson{Living}

                        7-Judy Richardson {Living}

                        sp: Tim Frasco {Living}

                5-Emma Rovilla Wanamaker (Jan 18 1903-Jul 25 1947)

                sp: Orien Dale Baker (Aug 27 1899-Jan 13 1962)

                    6-Evelyn Mae Baker (Jul 12 1929-Jul 26 1995)

                    sp: Albert Buxcel (Jun 2 1919-Oct 24 1986)

                        7-Wendell Albert Buxcel {Living}

                        sp: Lola Ann Streeter {Living}

                            8-Bryan Lee Buxcel {Living}

                        7-Dale Jerald Buxcel {Living}

                        sp: Shirley Ann Bray {Living}

                            8-James Leroy Buxcel {Living}

                            8-John Ray Buxcel {Living}

                            8-George Robert Buxcel {Living}

                        7-Charles Duane Buxcel {Living}

                        sp: Debra Jayne Dominicak {Living}

                        7-Gene Thomas Buxcel {Living}

                        sp: Rebecca Dee Patterson {Living}

                        7-Nadine Gayle Buxcel {Living}

                        sp: Harlen Joseph Hatheway {Living}

                            8-Angela Spring Hatheway {Living}

                            8-Michael Joseph Hatheway {Living}

                        7-Diane Dee Buxcel {Living}

                        sp: Kevin Long {Living}

                            8-Nicole Mae Long {Living}

                            sp: Michael J. Waller {Living}

                        7-Krysti Grace Buxcel {Living}

                    6-Vivian Louise Baker {Living}

                    sp: James Charles Sorenson (Jun 6 1918-Mar 15 1962)

                        7-James Charles II Sorenson {Living}

                        sp: Linda Darlene Campbell {Living}

                            8-Rachel (Campbell) Sorenson {Living}

                            8-Janie Lynn Sorenson {Living}

                            8-Jamie Sorenson (1976-1976)

                        7-William Lee Sorenson {Living}

                        sp: Lynnette Fenimore {Living}

                        7-Kent Dale Sorenson {Living}

                        7-Nyla Rae Sorenson {Living}

                        sp: Dan W. Howard {Living}

                        7-Terri Ilene Howard{Living}

                        7-Shayla Jean Howard {Living}

                    6-Carol Ann Baker (Dec 25 1935-Sep 24 1939)

            4-Cynthia Wanamaker (Sep 8 1866-Feb 13 1935)

            sp: Daniel Ellsworth Collingwood (Nov 16 1862-Nov 14 1922)

                5-Le Roy Collingwood (Aug 12 1887-Oct 27 1932)

                sp: Emily Marie Faas (Nov 14 1892-Jun 27 1984)

                    6-Gerald Lesley Collingwood (Jun 1 1913-Jan 9 1985)

                    sp: Doris Bickford {Living}

                        7-Lawrence Collingwood {Living}

                        7-Dale Collingwood {Living}

                        7-Lyle Arlen Collingwood{Living}

                        7-Larry Collingwood (Sep 30 1945-Nov 1975)

                    sp: Jeannette Kimm {Living}

                    6-Lorenzo Sylvan Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Gladys Myers (Sep 2 1912-Oct 24 1992)

                        7-Jerry Lee Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: Florence Joan Wood {Living}

                            8-Brett Alan Collingwood {Living}

                            sp: Anne Louise Seiber {Living}

                                9-Sean Ian Collingwood {Living}

                                9-Logan Scott Collingwood {Living}

                                9-Joseph Quinn Collingwood {Living}

                            8-Tara Lynn Collingwood {Living}

                            sp: David Paul Beuscher {Living}

                                9-Chelsea Lynn Beuscher {Living}

                                9-Megan Anne Beuscher {Living}

                            8-Chad Lee Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: Jackie J. Kalec {Living}

                        7-Shirley Jean Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: Allan J. Schmidt {Living}

                            8-John Allan Schmidt {Living}

                            sp: Diane Lenore Hearn {Living}

                                9-Samantha Burgundee Schmidt {Living}

                                9-Elizabeth Amber Schmidt {Living}

                                9-Michael John Schmidt {Living}

                            8-Loren David Schmidt {Living}

                            sp: Rebecca Lynn Smith {Living}

                        7-Eldon Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: Susan F Henrichs {Living}

                            8-Emily Michelle Collingwood {Living}

                            8-Joshua Dean Collingwood {Living}

                    6-Velma Lucile Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Harold Hofmaster {Living}

                        7-Eileen Rae Hofmaster {Living}

                        sp: Robert Grinder {Living}

                            8-Kevin Grinder {Living}

                            sp: Gaitano{Living}

                                9-Zoe Grinder{Living}

                                9-Patrick Grinder {Living}

                            8-Jennifer Grinder {Living}

                        7-Janice Lee Hofmaster {Living}

                        sp: Daniel Pityer {Living}

                            8-Renee Pityer {Living}

                            8-Todd Pityer {Living}

                            sp: Janelle Thompson{Living}

                                9-Courtney Pityer {Living}

                                9-Clarissa Pityer {Living}

                                9-Christopher Pityer{Living}

                       sp: James McCrabb {Living}

                       7-Sandra Kay Hofmaster {Living}

                        sp: Ron Becicka{Living}

                            8-Donna Becicka{Living}

                            sp: William Gregg Nichols {Living}

                                9-William Ronnie Nichols {Living}

                                9-Audrey Grace Nichols{Living}

                            8-Brian Becicka {Living}

                            sp: Jane Ann Blanchet {Living}

                                9-Genevieve Rose Becicka {Living}

                                9-Charlene Becicka {Living}

                                9-Bennett Becicka {Living}

                                9-John Becicka {Living}

                                9-Cecilia Marie Becicka {Living}

                            8-Daryl Becicka {Living}

                        7-Ricky Harold Hofmaster {Living}

                        sp: Patricia Olson {Living}

                    6-Dorothy Magdelene Collingwood (Nov 2 1918-Aug 11 1985)

                    sp: Wilford Carl Rusbult (Jan 6 1908-May 1976)

                        7-Leroy William Rusbult {Living}

                        sp: Lola Adele Rierson {Living}

                            8-Laura Jayne Rusbult {Living}

                            8-Marcia Gayle Rusbult {Living}

                            8-Jason Murray Rusbult {Living}

                            8-Melissa Dawn Rusbult {Living}

                            8-Rebecca Anne Rusbult {Living}

                        7-Lloyd David Rusbult {Living}

                        sp: Leone Sawyer {Living}

                            8-Jennifer Rusbult {Living}

                            sp: Timothy Campbell{Living}

                        7-Donald Lee Rusbult {Living}

                        sp: Mary Van Dyke {Living}

                            8-Joe Rusbult {Living}

                            8-Michelle Rusbult {Living}

                            sp: Armen Van Scoyoc{Living}

                                9-Halle Zabelle Van Scoyoc {Living}

                            8-Shannon Rusbult {Living}

                            sp: Daryl Hackart{Living}

                                9-Tiffany Nichole Hackert{Living}

                        7-Robert Earl Rusbult {Living}

                        sp: Phyllis McMenomy {Living}

                            8-Amy Nicole Rusbult {Living}

                            8-Christine Delaine Rusbult {Living}

                        sp: Dorma Vrzak {Living}

                            8-Kelley Rusbult {Living}

                            8-Danielle Rusbult {Living}

                    6-Marva Elaine Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Virgil Davis (-)

                        7-Jeanette Davis {Living}

                        7-Wayne Davis {Living}

                        7-Karen Davis {Living}

                    sp: Dale Wilson {Living}

                    6-Doris Evetta Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Wilferd Von Ahsen {Living}

                        7-Barbara Faye Von Ahsen {Living}

                        7-David Von Ahsen {Living}

                        7-Duane Ray Von Ahsen{Living}

                        7-Bonnie Von Ahsen {Living}

                    6-Gladys Eileen Collingwood (Dec 11 1924-Oct 18 1995)

                    sp: Orville Kempfert {Living}

                        7-Eileen Kempfert {Living}

                        7-Ralph Kempfert{Living}

                        7-Lowell Kempfert {Living}

                    6-Milford Laverne Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Bernice Barta {Living}

                        7-Becky Lynn Collingwood{Living}

                        7-Gary Collingwood {Living}

                        7-Jeneane Collingwood {Living}

                        7-Charlene Collingwood{Living}

                    6-Hawley Dean Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Mary Teslik {Living}

                        7-Mark Stephen Collingwood {Living}

                        7-Terry Joe Collingwood{Living}

                        7-Randy Dean Collingwood {Living}

                        7-Rhonda Faye Collingwood {Living}

                5-Harry R. Collingwood (Jan 18 1885-Mar 19 1970)

                sp: Caroline Augusta Faas (Aug 24 1890-Jul 16 1941)

                    6-Mervin Laurel Collingwood (Sep 19 1909-Dec 26 1973)

                        7-Merle Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: Mary Lou {Living}

                        7-Clark Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: Peggy {Living}

                        7-Linda Collingwood {Living}

                            8-Danielle Bowman {Living}

                        7-Maxine Collingwood {Living}

                            8-Cheryl Doty {Living}

                            sp: Steve Konecny {Living}

                    6-Lorena Gail Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Orville Teggatz {Living}

                        7-Leonard Teggatz{Living}

                        sp: Marie {Living}

                        7-Eugene Teggatz{Living}

                        sp: Sandra Floy {Living}

                            8-Julie Teggatz{Living}

                            sp: David Simonson {Living}

                            8-Beth Teggatz {Living}

                        7-Gordon Teggatz {Living}

                        sp: Ruth {Living}

                            8-Jason Teggatz {Living}

                        7-Myrna Teggatz {Living}

                    6-Orlo Kenneth Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Donna {Living}

                        7-Kenneth Collingwood {Living}

                    6-Leota Harriet Collingwood{Living}

                    sp: Carrol Simms {Living}

                    6-Harold Eugene Collingwood (Jan 21 1917-May 4 1987)

                    sp: Erna {Living}

                        7-Gene Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: Jean {Living}

                    6-Cecil LaVerne Collingwood (May 12 1919-Sep 11 1999)

                    sp: LaVerne Iburg {Living}

                        7-Ethel Laverne Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: David J Voigt{Living}

                            8-Sharon Marie Voigt{Living}

                            sp: Michael Rupard{Living}

                                9-Joey Rupard{Living}

                                9-Subrina Stencil Rupard{Living}

                                9-Rhea Rupard{Living}

                            8-Steven Daniel Voigt{Living}

                            sp: Christine{Living}

                        7-Dianne Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: Billy Lee Hotchkiss{Living}

                            8-Brian Lee Hotchkiss{Living}

                            sp: Leann Ingram{Living}

                            8-Dale Allen Hotchkiss {Living}

                            8-Teresa Ann Hotchkiss {Living}

                            sp: Phillip Carriere {Living}

                                9-Sacha Marie Hotchkiss {Living}

                                9-Nathanial Allan Carriere {Living}

                    6-Howard Dean Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Donna {Living}

                        7-Lynette Collingwood {Living}

                        sp: Larry Wooster{Living}

                            8-Elizabeth Wooster {Living}

                        7-Kevin Collingwood{Living}

                5-James P. Collingwood (Feb 26 1895-Jun 18 1975)

                sp: Ruth Smith (Oct 29 1894-Feb 1976)

                    6-Russell Collingwood (Dec 9 1921-Apr 25 1997)

                    sp: Jean Kozier {Living}

                    6-Arlo Truman Collingwood {Living}

                    sp: Lois Fattig {Living}

                5-Carro Collingwood (Aug 4 1899-May 3 1982)

                sp: Charles Edwards {Living}

                    6-Edward Charles Edwards {Living}

                    sp: Dorothy {Living}

                    6-Ivan Kenneth Edwards {Living}

                    sp: Mary {Living}

                5-Alice Collingwood (Jun 23 1902-Mar 24 1986)

                sp: Arthur Mumm (-)

                    6-Marcella Catherine Mumm {Living}

                    sp: Irvin Martinson{Living}

                    6-Irene Elizabeth Mumm {Living}

                    sp: Henry Bosenberg {Living}

                    6-Florence May Mumm {Living}

                    sp: William Cronbaugh {Living}

                    6-Dwight Leslie Mumm {Living}

                    sp: Joyce Martinson {Living}

            4-Ulyssis Grant Wanamaker (May 12 1869-Jun 24 1927)

            4-Della Ellen Wanamaker (Aug 28 1871-Mar 26 1877)

            4-Susan Jane Wanamaker (Aug 13 1873-Sep 1 1874)

            4-Theresa Agnes Wanamaker (Sep 18 1875-Mar 7 1922)

            sp: J. Berscheid (-)

            4-Issac Wanamaker (Sep 12 1876-Sep 23 1876)

            4-James Wanamaker (Sep 12 1876-Sep 25 1876)

        3-Stephen Wanamaker (Sep 28 1834-Nov 22 1908)

        3-John P. Wanamaker (1838-Dec 12 1922)

        3-David Henry Wanamaker (-)

        3-Peter Wanamaker (-)

        3-George Wanamaker (1842-)

        3-Nelson Wanamaker (Mar 1844-)

        sp: Catherine Endtrich (-)

            4-John Wanamaker (-)

        3-Matilda Wanamaker (Jul 5 1848-Nov 10 1925)

        3-Oliver Wanamaker (Jul 11 1851-Aug 8 1914)

    2-Jacob Wanamaker (Oct 2 1808-Aug 14 1901)

    sp: Elizabeth Frederick (-)

    2-John J. Wanamaker (Sep 18 1810-Feb 7 1891)

    sp: Lititia Campbell (-)

    2-Henry J. Wanamaker (Sep 5 1812-Aug 21 1887)

    sp: Mary DeGraw (-)

    2-James J. Wanamaker (Oct 19 1814-Jul 17 1887)

    sp: Ellen May (-)

    2-Michael Wanamaker (Oct 12 1816-Mar 11 1903)

    sp: Margaret Straut (-)

    2-Elizah Wanamaker (Nov 9 1818-)

    sp: Margaret Coe (-)

    2-Richard Wanamaker (Oct 30 1820-)

    2-George Wanamaker (Jan 15 1823-Jan 29 1870)

    sp: Mary Manes (-)

    2-Elizabeth Wanamaker (Feb 7 1825-)

    sp: Edward Rawson (-)

    2-Sarah Jane Wanamaker (Mar 27 1823-Jan 12 1887)

    sp: Beach (-)

    2-Josiah Wanamaker (Mar 15 1830-Jul 2 1839)

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