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The earliest traces of the Collingwood history related to my Collingwood lineage, is that of Edward Collingwood who married Mary.   He had a son named Francis who was born around 1679 in Uppingham, England.   Francis married Elizabeth Griffith and had 4 sons and 2 daughters.  My lineage came from the first born, Thomas Collingwood.  Thomas married Anne Batheway.   She died shortly thereafter.  He then married Elizabeth Tyler on October 26, 1741 in Uppingham.  They had one son Thomas Collingwood.  Thomas married Mary Mould on March 3, 1767 in England.  They had 9 sons and 4 daughters.  My lineage again comes from the first born son, Charles Collingwood.

Charles immigrated to the United States then to Canada and then back to the United States.   Then in 1834, he was naturalized in Rockland township New York.  On December 17, 1807, he married Lydia Moss who was born in Conneticut.  Charles was a farmer who moved around alot.  The first listing is that he was in Elmira, Tioga County, New York.  He then moved to Canada between 1825 to 1828.  While he was living in Canada, his sons Thomas and DeWitt Clinton Collingwood.  He then moved back to the United States, coming down the Allegheny River on a raft with a team of horses, wife and children.  He moved to Venango County Pennsylvania where they are listed in the 1830, 1840 & 1850 census records.

Upon the move back to the United States he bought 80 acres of land believed to be a Revolutionary War Grant for $1.00 an acre.  Legend states that Charles was a "robust" farmer.  Stories were told that you could hear "Old Collingwood" bellar at his oxen over 2 miles away!  One winter shortly after they moved back, the children of Charles nearly ate all the grain and food stuffs.   They survived only because of eating deer meat.  Charles later on owned 1500 acres of Pennsylvania land on which coal, iron ore, limestone, and oil were found.   In those days they didn't know what to use the oil for so they applied it to sores on the horses as sort of a liniment. 

Daniel, my 3rd great grandfather, and brother Thomas served in the 28th Iowa Infantry Volunteers in Company G.  He was mustered into service on the 25th of August in 1862.

Both Daniel and Thomas died as a result of the battle of Winchester Virginia.  Thomas was wounded in battle and Daniel carried him to the Military Hospital in Winchester.   Daniel died as a result of wounds sustained from the battle being described as being "shot through the Bowels".  Daniel is buried in the Winchester National Cemetery in Winchester.  Thomas is not buried in the National Cemetery.   His remains are possibly buried in a common grave near the battlefields.   Daniel was married to Alzina Snow.  They had 2 sons and 5 daughters.  The youngest, my 2nd great grandfather, Daniel Jr. never got to see his father as Daniel Sr. died in the Civil War the same year that Daniel Jr. was born.

Daniel Jr. married Cynthia Wanamaker on April 15, 1884 in Plankton South Dakota.  At that time there was no official South Dakota so it was officially called Territory of Dakota.  Cynthia had lived in Iowa with her parents.  Daniel had fallen in love with her and when she moved to Dakota with her parents he was heartbroken.  Because of this he moved to South Dakota to be closer to Cynthia and married her in South Dakota.   While they were in South Dakota they had sons LeRoy called Roy and Harry.   They then moved back to Iowa County Iowa and in 1895 their youngest son James P. Collingwood was born.  They also had 2 daughters Carro and Alice.

LeRoy Collignwood married Emily Faas on October 12, 1912 He had 4 sons and 4 daughters.  LeRoy died on October 27 1932 from complications of pneumonia.  His daughter, my grandmother, Dorothy was sixteen at the time of his death.  She married Wilford Rusbult.  They had 4 sons Leroy William, named after his grandpas LeRoy Collingwood and William Rusbult,  Lloyd David, Donald Lee, and Robert Earl.  She also has 11 granddaughters and I am her grandson.

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